Let me help ease the frustration of gardening

Gardening should be fun and help you feel calm and relaxed…right? Well, not always. The weeds, pests, weather and more will all challenge your gardening skills and make you wonder what you are doing in the garden. With over twenty years in the garden, I’m here to help take the frustration out of gardening.

Whether you are looking for some great new annual ideas or how to manage garden pests, there is something to help every gardener.

entry to a beautiful garden area

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Hepburn

What vegetables to grow

When you start receiving your seed catalogues in the middle of winter, it is both exciting and overwhelming! Often I wonder, how is anyone supposed to choose what to plant? I use the suggestions below to help me choose what vegetables I will grow in my garden. Often, we are limited by space and sunlight … Continue reading What vegetables to grow

Best Perennials for Cut Flowers

A beautiful garden outside is wonderful, but it is even better when you can take that beauty indoors. There are many perennials that can be used for cut flowers. These perennials will look beautiful both inside and out and will provide color and texture to your garden for the whole season. Be sure to clip … Continue reading Best Perennials for Cut Flowers

Blue Flowering Perennials

Blue is such a unique and beautiful color to add to your perennial flower garden! I have listed my favorite blue flowers below to help you add a splash of color to your yard. There are a surprising number of blue perennials that are easy to grow, so give them a try in your garden. … Continue reading Blue Flowering Perennials

Flowers for the Vegetable Garden

A vegetable garden can be beautiful all on its own, but adding flowers to your vegetable garden will take it to the next level. Not only will adding flowers to your vegetable garden make it look beautiful, it will also help attract pollinators and can help keep bad bugs away from your veggies. Like I … Continue reading Flowers for the Vegetable Garden


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